I can't log in to my account:

If the website isn't letting you log in, there are two browser setting changes that should fix this for you:

1) In your browser, go to Preferences -> Cookie and Website Data and see what option you have checked off. If it's set to allow "From Current Website Only", change it to "Websites I Visit".

2) In your browser, go to Preferences -> Privacy -> Website Tracking. Make sure that "prevent cross-site tracking" is unchecked from the Website Tracking section under Privacy settings.

The videos are freezing on me:

If you're having issues with the videos that you're watching freezing, try closing any excess browser windows that you have open so that you only have the window open with the video you'd like to watch. If you have multiple browser windows open at once, this can sometimes slow down your video playback.

Another possible solution is to switch browsers that you’re using. So for example, instead of using Safari, try using Google Chrome, etc. Sometimes this easily fixes the issue as well!

How do I stop the “Daily Update” emails that I’m being sent from the forum?

To edit your email frequency settings, simply:

-click on your "avatar" icon in the upper-right hand corner of the forum and then choose "Edit Profile"

-click "Account Settings" and find the "Email Followed Content" section

-choose DailyImmediatelyWeekly, or Never

-and that's it! Feel free to contact Jenni if you have any Qs at all

Don't hesitate to Contact Jenni if you could still use help!