An online SHOULDER strengthening & flexibility program based on movement science

1 15-20 minute practice video every 3 days for 5 weeks // $59 individually // Or access this program through the All-Content Website Membership, which is $25/month

Designed specifically for people who lack upper body strength, or for long-time yoga practitioners whose main upper body strengthening has been their yoga practice, this innovative program will lead you through smart, progressive practices over 5 weeks to create well-rounded shoulder strength & flexibility!

In this program, you'll be emailed a new practice video every 3 days for 5 weeks. These practices build on each other, and they focus on shoulder strength & flexibility in all ranges, and in both the pushing & pulling directions (yoga is infamous for only providing shoulder-pushing moves and not including any shoulder-pulling ones; this program helps to balance this out and provide yogis with the pulling strength they need!) 

This program utilizes 2 yoga blocks (or household object equivalent), 1 yoga strap (or household object equivalent), and a smooth floor for sliding your blanket or towel across for a few of the movements.

Thank you for caring about the health of your shoulders!



Shoulders Program Only - $59

Sign up for 5 Weeks to Strong, Flexible Shoulders individually.


Includes 5 Weeks to Strong, Flexible Shoulders, and ALL other content on Jenni's website**:

  • Online Class Library

  • Stretching & Strengthening Are Not Opposites Workshop

  • Yoga, Movement, & The Nervous System Workshop

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  • All future online workshops, tutorials, & webinars


**Jenni's 2 online trainings Keeping Your Yoga Teaching Current & How to See & Teach Movement are not included, but All-Content Members do receive a $240 combined discount on these trainings!

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Once you order and gain access to this program, we unfortunately can't offer refunds. Thank you for your understanding!