An online hamstring strengthening & flexibility program based on movement science

1 10-15 minute practice video every 3 days for 5 weeks // $59 individually // Or access this program through the All-Content Website Membership, which is $25/month

It's becoming more widely-understood these days that yogis (and really everyone!) could use to significantly strengthen their hamstrings. Not only does hamstring-strengthening increase joint health and tissue resiliency - but when we strengthen the hamstrings through their full range, our flexibility increases significantly too.

Hamstring strengthening has also been shown to help decrease "high hamstring pain" (a.k.a. "proximal hamstring tendinopathy"), which is quite common in the yoga world.

In 5 Weeks to Strong, Flexible Hamstrings,, you'll receive an email every 3 days with a link to a new 10-15 minute practice video full of smart and effective hamstring-strengthening movements. (These practices are spaced out every 3 days because movement science tells us that after a muscle group has been strengthened, it needs about 3 days to recover before it should be strengthened again.)

These videos can be streamed or downloaded, and you'll have access to them forever. This program utilizes 2 yoga blocks (or a household object equivalent) and either a smooth floor for sliding your feet across on a blanket or towel for a few of the movements, or paper plates or gliders to use for sliding your feet on carpet.

Thank you for caring about the health of your hamstrings!


Refund Policy:

Once you order and gain access to this program, we unfortunately can't offer refunds. Thank you for your understanding!