(Just FYI - Jenni will remove this webinar from the website once Instagram updates how it works enough to make the info Jenni shares here semi-outdated. As of today, though, everything in this webinar is still current and applicable!)

Due to multiple requests, Jenni recorded a live webinar on 5/31/18 in which she shared her insights on what has worked for her with building her Instagram presence. (Jenni will add a note here when it seems like the content of this workshop has become semi-outdated due to changes to how Instagram works, etc., but so far everything from this webinar still applies today!) The topics she covered included:

  • how Jenni brainstorms & creates her content

  • tips and tools Jenni uses in preparing her posts

  • ideas for how to create successful posts

  • general strategies Jenni has found to be helpful for creating community & engagement on Instagram

Jenni will assume that you have a basic working knowledge of how to use the Instagram app (how to create a post, scroll through your feed, leave comments, etc.)

Instagram certainly isn’t for everyone, and social media in general has its undeniable drawbacks & annoyances, but Instagram can be a great tool for getting your message out there and and building a community of people who are interested in your offerings. (And you don't actually need a ginormous amount of "followers" in order for it to be worth it, which is great!)