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Improve your yoga teaching skills
with movement science

Design amazing & effective yoga & movement classes that incorporate a science-based approach to asana.

Online Yoga Anatomy Course & Movement Science Training

The conversation in the yoga world is changing.

Learn how to apply the newest insights from movement science to your yoga teaching in digestible and easy-to-understand terms. Keeping Your Yoga Teaching Current: An Evidence-Based Approach to Asana, Alignment, & Yoga Anatomy is an in-depth online training for yoga teachers and interested students.


make your yoga practice and teaching even more effective.

If you're interested in shedding the many outdated myths about the body that hold us back in the yoga world and embracing effective, new-paradigm approaches to mobilityasana, and movement that are truly evidence-based, this training is for you!

I can’t say enough about Jenni’s ‘Keeping Your Yoga Teaching Current’ course. Well-organized, thorough, articulate, fun, and fascinating, this course filled a hole that my previous decade of study and yoga teacher trainings had neglected. Imperative for all yoga teachers who want to truly serve their students’ bodies and practices!
— Robin, yoga teacher, Santa Cruz
I love this super informative course! Jenni’s teaching is very clear and easy to understand as she explains some of the most complex occurrences that happen in the body when we practice yoga and other types of movement. I have found this course to benefit my personal practice and my teaching. Thank you, Jenni!
— -Emily, yoga teacher & personal trainer, Santa Barbara, CA

This online course includes:

Module 1: Anatomy of Muscle Tissue, Fascia, & Connective Tissue

Video 1: Introduction to Muscle Tissue

Video 2: Introduction to Fascia & Connective Tissue, Part 1

Video 3: Introduction to Fascia & Connective Tissue, Part 2

Video 4: Muscle & Connective Tissue's Role in Movement

Video 5: Muscles: The 3D vs. 2D Model

Module 2: Muscle Tissue & Connective Tissue Function

Video 1: Types of Muscle Contractions & Clearing up Misconceptions

Video 2: Sarcomeres & How Muscle Contractions Happen

Video 3: How Muscle Responds to Load

Video 4: How Connective Tissue Responds to Load

Video 5: What Does Injury Prevention Mean?

Video 6: Teaching Tools for Tissue Adaptation, Mobility Gains, & Neurological Control

Module 3: Common Misconceptions About Stretching, Strengthening, & the Tissues of the Body

Video 1: How Stretching Affects the Tissues of the Body

Video 2: Is Passive Stretching Bad for Us?

Video 3: The Relationship Between Stretching & Strengthening

Video 4: Fascia, Massage, & Rolling

Module 4: The 3D vs. 2D Model of the Body & Human Movement

Video 1: How We Move - The 3D vs. 2D Model

Video 2: Teaching Tools: Cueing & Language Strategies

Video 3: 2D Beliefs About the Body & Movement That Yoga Teachers Can Move on From

Video 4: Pain Science Basics for Yoga Teachers, Part 1

Video 5: Pain Science Basics for Yoga Teachers, Part 2

Video 6: Alignment & The 3D Model of the Body, Part 1

Video 7: Alignment & The 3D Model of the Body, Part 2


Teaching Toolbox Yoga Class #1: How to Effectively Incorporate Movement Variety Into Your Yoga Classes

Teaching Toolbox Yoga Class #2: How to Use Directed Muscle Contractions Effectively in Yoga Asanas

Teaching Toolbox Yoga Class #3: Smart Cueing & The New Paradigm of Alignment in Yoga


PDF #1: Keeping Your Yoga Teaching Current Outline & Notes

PDF #2: References & Research Studies

PDF #3: Quick Reference Chart for Directed Muscle Contractions in Yoga Asana


Total video run-time: approximately 9 hours.

All videos can be streamed or downloaded, so they are yours to keep forever.


After taking this training, you will:

-Have an almost limitless toolbox of yoga asanas, movements, and variations to teach to your students for continually creative classes

-Have a clearer understanding of the tissues of the human body (muscle, fascia, connective tissue, etc.) and how our yoga practice affects them

-Understand how to utilize the most effective, research-backed strategies for increasing mobility, range of motion, joint function & joint health for your students

-Set yourself apart by no longer using some of the unsupported claims, languaging, and rationales that the majority of the yoga world still uses today

-Have tools for clearer, more accurate cueing and communication about the body & movement in yoga

-Become more confident in your yoga teaching & offerings

-Make informed, movement science-based decisions about what you decide to teach in your yoga classes and why


Broaden your beliefs about the body & movement.

Become a movement science-informed yoga teacher.

Qualifies as Continuing Education Hours Through Yoga Alliance.

pick up where your 200/500-hr teacher training left off!




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