WELCOME TO anatomy of the spine for increased core awareness!

One of the keys to aging gracefully may be having a healthy spine that moves well. This informative and engaging workshop is perfect for yoga teachers, yoga students, and anyone who has a spine. This yoga anatomy workshop covers:

-an embodied, experiential introduction to the structure and function of the spine
-how to move your spine with more awareness and control
-how to change your habitual movement patterns in relation to your spine
-recent research that addresses some common misconceptions about back pain
-current science on how pain works and why we hurt when we hurt
-an intelligent yoga practice incorporating all of this great information

This workshop consists of a 60-minute lecture followed by an 80-minute yoga practice which incorporates the information and principles taught in the opening lecture. The lecture portion and the yoga practice are each divided into 2 videos. This workshop also counts as Continuing Education hours for Yoga Alliance-registered teachers.


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