Learn to practice the vinyasa of yoga correctly and skillfully! The vinyasa is the #1 movement in yoga that tends to be misunderstood and poorly executed, and it's not often broken down and taught in detail from the ground up. Many students don't realize that they are utilizing cheats and compensations as they practice this frequent and repetitive movement, which can lead to sensitivity and discomfort in certain areas of the body, such as the shoulders and low back.

In this thorough 90-minute vinyasa tutorial, you will learn:

-the entire vinyasa and all of its components and variations from the ground up

-common compensations that occur in all phases of the vinyasa and how to identify them

-how to successfully modify every part of the vinyasa to meet your body at its current strength level

-clear, easy-to-understand alignment guidelines for all of the poses that make up the vinyasa, including chaturanga, upward-facing dog, plank pose, and cobra pose (downward-facing dog is not covered in detail - it deserves its own dedicated separate tutorial (maybe coming soon!))

-clear, broken-down instructions for how to transition between poses in the vinyasa (i.e. chaturanga into up dog, up dog into down dog, etc.)

This tutorial is excellent for any yoga student interesting in understanding how the vinyasa works, any yoga student looking to "clean up" the vinyasa that they currently practice, and any yoga teacher interested in learning how to teach this foundational movement better.