The nervous system is the most important driver behind everything we do both on and off the yoga mat, but it also tends to be quite under-appreciated in yoga education & YTTs. In this 90-minute workshop, Jenni presents a thorough overview of the anatomy & function of the nervous system with special attention given to many specific topics that are relevant for yoga & movement teachers.

-How does movement happen in the body?
-What are neurons?
-What are sensory receptors?
-What is a motor unit?
-Why does all of this matter in yoga & movement practices?
-How might we cue & teach differently with this information in mind?

After this workshop, you will have a bigger picture understanding of the human body & movement beyond the more obvious levels of muscles, bones & joints. You will also appreciate the integral role the nervous system plays in how we experience & feel our body on a moment-to-moment basis. And you will very likely shed some incomplete ideas about the body & movement that commonly hold us back in our yoga practice & teaching.

Yoga Alliance-registered yoga teachers are eligible to receive CE hours from the completion of this workshop.


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