Here are links to all of the practice videos from Day 1 - Day 34. Feel free to repeat the entire program or visit any individual practice anytime:


You completed 5 Weeks to Strong, Flexible Shoulders! This wonderful program was designed to strengthen your shoulders through their full range of motion, and in both the pushing & pulling directions, in order to create well-rounded, healthy shoulders that are strong, flexible, & resilient.

Moving forward, I recommend that you continue with your shoulder strengthening work. In order for your shoulders to stay strong, they need to continue to be exposed to work & challenge.

Feel free to repeat this entire program anytime to help maintain and grow your shoulder strength. You can also choose to insert movements from these practices into the yoga or movement practice that you are already regularly doing. I also highly recommend incorporating strength training with weights, as well as hanging from a bar & pull-up work, into your movement routine at some point as well. These will be excellent tools to continue to increase your upper body strength & resiliency as you move forward.

Thank you so much for deciding to join me for this 5-week commitment to shoulder health. I hope to see you on the mat digitally (in my online class library or one one of my online courses) or in person (at one of my retreats) very soon!