Online yoga anatomy Workshops & Courses with jenni



9 hrs // $549 (or 3 monthly payments of $199)

Learn foundational concepts of movement, the major joints of the body & how they move, the main muscles of the body that yoga teachers should know, common movement compensations seen in yoga - and best of all, how to have a modern, updated approach to these fascinating & important topics.


Keeping your yoga teaching current: an evidence-based approach to asana, alignment & yoga anatomy

9 hrs // $549 (or 3 monthly payments of $199)

A full online course designed to thoroughly update your perspective on the body & movement using insights from modern movement science. Learn about the tissues of the body & how they function, the 3D vs. 2D model of human movement, and tons of new-paradigm approaches to mobilityasana, and movement that are truly evidence-based.



10-15 minute practice video every 3 days for 5 weeks // $59

An online hamstring strengthening and flexibility program based on movement science.

It's becoming more widely-understood these days that yogis (and really everyone!) could use to significantly strengthen their hamstrings. Hamstring-strengthening increases joint health, tissue resiliency, and flexibility.

Importantly, hamstring strengthening has also been shown to help decrease "high hamstring pain" (a.k.a. "proximal hamstring tendinopathy"), which is quite common in the yoga world.



1 hr & 45 min // $22

In this webinar, Jenni shares her insights on what has worked for her with building her Instagram presence. Instagram certainly isn't for everyone, but in can be a great tool for getting your message out there and building a community of people who are interested in your offerings.



1 hr & 20 min // $29.95

In this online workshop, Jenni uses her modern, science-based approach to offer clarity and insight around the pelvic tuck. Questions that tend to permeate the yoga world are all answered, such as:

Should we tuck the pelvis in yoga? Should we not tuck the pelvis in yoga? Is tucking the pelvis non-optimal alignment? What cues lead to pelvic-tucking? What IS a pelvic tuck?


Re-Imagining Hip-Openers: A Yoga Anatomy Workshop

2 hrs & 15 min // $24.95

What does it mean to "open our hips"? After taking this workshop, you will clearly understand the anatomy of the hips, updated movement science on flexibility and stretching, and essential strategies for creating mobility within a container of stability that you can incorporate into your asanas, no matter which style of yoga you practice.


Anatomy of the Spine for Increased Core Connection

2 hrs & 20 min // $24.95

One of the keys to aging gracefully is having a healthy spine that moves well. This informative and engaging workshop is perfect for yoga teachers, yoga students, and anyone who has a spine. Learn about the anatomy & function of the spine, how to change your habitual movement patterns of your spine, and current pain science insights in relation to the spine.


The Complete Guide to the Vinyasa of Yoga

1 hr & 50 min // $19.95

Learn to practice the vinyasa of yoga correctly and skillfully! The vinyasa is the #1 movement in yoga that tends to be misunderstood and poorly executed, and it's not often broken down and taught in detail from the ground up. Many students don't realize that they are utilizing cheats and compensations as they practice this frequent and repetitive movement.