kinstretch class: basic cars routine w/samantha

Kinstretch is a movement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and *usable* (i.e. active) ranges of motion. In this class, Samantha expertly guides us through CARs, otherwise known as "Controlled Articular Rotations", which are a foundational practice in the Kinstretch/FRC system. CARs are full range of motion joint circles, but done with a high amount of focus and control. They teach you so much about your body, your habits, and your compensations, and they are also amazing for joint tissue health and neurological control. If you're interested in increasing the quality of your movement, the longevity of your joints, and your overall sense of body awareness, this practice is for you!

You will also experience through this class why Samantha is one of Jenni's favorite movement teachers ever. :)

Samantha is a Kinstretch teacher, FRCms, FRAs who specializes in helping people move better.