Laurel leads us through an expertly-designed class to prep the shoulders and core for a peak pose of headstand (sirsasana)! Practicing full headstand pose is of course not required - Laurel offers different variations on this pose (including a great option for not bearing any weight on your head at all), and you can choose the one that best fits your needs today.

This practice begins with about 15 minutes of self-massage using a pair of massage balls such as the Yoga Tune Up® style. We then move into some excellent core strengthening moves, innovative shoulder openers, and some chaturanga-free sun salutations. This is followed with a sequence designed to bring us right to an accessible variation of headstand using props.

This practice utilizes 1 yoga strap, 3 yoga blocks (or 2 blocks + a thick textbook or two), and 1 pair of massage balls.