This is a strong, active vinyasa flow practice from Jenni's DVD "Strong Vinyasa Flow", created and filmed in 2012. This practice is meant for experienced yoga practitioners who are looking for a challenge - it includes many vinyasas, several arm balance and inversion options, and it moves at a fairly quick, flowing pace. Be prepared to sweat in your living room when you try this practice! This DVD was produced by Real Bodywork, and these DVD practices are featured here with their generous permission.

DISCLAIMER: While Jenni readily admits that her teaching style is not the same today as it was in 2012, she is still happy to feature these DVD practices here for those of us who like lots of vinyasas, arm balances, inversions, and faster-paced flows. And Jenni honestly believes that practicing this way is *just fine* :), as long as you ideally don't practice this way every single day always, and as long as you also include other ways of moving your body for cross-training purposes. (And, of course, as long as the tissues of your body are adapted to handle the loads of this challenging practice.)