An online training designed to teach yoga teachers the nuts-and-bolts of the human body & how it moves.

Online Yoga Anatomy Course & Movement Science Training

Did YOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING skip or gloss over the anatomy & Movement section?

If so, you're far from alone. And luckily, How to See & Teach Movement for Yoga Teachers was designed just for you!


CONTINUING EDUCATION for yoga teachers & serious students

Learn foundational concepts of movement, the major joints of the body & how they move, the main muscles of the body that yoga teachers should know, common movement compensations seen in yoga - and best of all, how to have a modern, updated approach to these fascinating & important topics.

This online course includes:

Part 1: A Modern Approach to the Body & Yoga: Foundational Concepts

Video 1: Alignment

Video 2: Movement

Video 3: Compensations

Video 4: A Modern Approach to Muscles & Muscle Contractions

Video 5: Foundational Concepts of Movement

Part 2: The Hip Joint

Video 1: Intro to Hip Joint Anatomy

Video 2: Hip Flexion, Part 1

Video 3: Hip Flexion, Part 2

Video 4: Hip Extension, Part 1

Video 5: Hip Extension, Part 2

Video 6: Hip Abduction & Adduction, Part 1

Video 7: Hip Abduction & Adduction, Part 2

Video 8: Hip Abduction & Adduction, Part 3

Video 9: Hip Rotation

Part 3: The Spine

Video 1: Intro to Spinal Anatomy, Part 1

Video 1: Intro to Spinal Anatomy, Part 2

Video 3: Spinal Extension

Video 4: Spinal Flexion

Video 5: Spinal Lateral Flexion

Video 6: Spinal Rotation


Part 4: The Shoulder

Video 1: Intro to Shoulder Anatomy, Part 1

Video 1: Intro to Shoulder Anatomy, Part 2

Video 3: Shoulder Flexion & Extension

Video 4: Shoulder Rotation

Video 5: Protraction & Retraction


Part 5: The Foot

Video 1: The Foot


Part 6: Putting it All Together

Video 1: Which Muscles Are Being Challenged in Our Poses?, Part 1

Video 2: Which Muscles Are Being Challenged in Our Poses?, Part 2

Video 3: Sequencing Strategies

Video 4: Conclusion


PDF #1: How to See & Teach Movement for Yoga Teachers Course Outline & Notes

PDF #2: Muscle Reference Notes


Total video run-time: approximately 9 hours

All videos can be streamed or downloaded, so they are yours to keep forever.


After taking this training, you will:

-Have a working knowledge of the anatomy of the major joints of the body and how they move

-Know the location and action of the main muscles that are important for yoga teachers to be familiar with

-Have a better eye for spotting common movement compensations and how to cue yoga poses with this in mind

-Gain more confidence in your yoga teaching because you know why you are choosing the poses & movements that you're teaching

-Leave memorized cues behind and instead use effective cueing that is informed by your understanding of movement

-Be able to decipher the component parts of any yoga asana and to use this knowledge to intelligently sequence a class

-Teach better, more intentional yoga classes that will translate into a more successful teaching career!


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