This smart 40-minute practice will wake up and strengthen your hip flexors (while bringing in some good movement for your entire hip area in general as well!)

The hip flexors are the muscles that run across the  front of the hip joints, and many people complain of "tightness" or "discomfort" in this area. While there can be many contributing factors to sensations like these, many people find that activating & strengthening the hip flexors can help decrease these sensations.

We don't tend to spend a lot of time strengthening this area in traditional yoga classes, so this Hip Flexor Practice helps fill in where a typical yoga practice might have left off. Your hips will thank you for the potent work featured in this class!

This practice utilizes 2 yoga blocks, 1 yoga blanket (or similar object like a towel), & a smooth floor for sliding the blanket across for one movement in the practice.