This workshop is about 1 hr 20 min in total length. Please start with video 1 and move forward from there.

Enjoy this modern, evidence-based perspective on the pelvic tuck in yoga!

Tucking the pelvis tends to be a confusing and controversial topic in the yoga world. Should we tuck the pelvis in yoga? Should we not tuck the pelvis in yoga? Is tucking the pelvis non-optimal alignment? What cues lead to pelvic-tucking? What IS a pelvic tuck?

In this online workshop, Jenni uses her modern, science-based approach to offer clarity and insight around the pelvic tuck. This workshop covers:

  • the anatomy of the pelvic tuck (a.k.a. the posterior pelvic tilt)
  • clarifying cueing for the pelvic tuck
  • common misconceptions about the pelvic tuck
  • the pelvic tuck & pelvic floor disorder: what does the research suggest?
  • pelvic tucking & asana practice

Join Jenni for this focused, insightful exploration of pelvic tucking, and learn to understand this movement and its implications for yoga practice better!

This workshops qualifies as continuing education hours through Yoga Alliance.