Brand New: Practice Online With Jenni!

They're here! My brand new online classes are ready for your home practice - whoo hoo! These are some of my favorite whole body practices and I hope they will bring some added excellent movement to your day! Each practice is unique, but they all emphasize mindful movement, rad alignment, building true strength, and cultivating mobility within a framework of stability (which we know is a cornerstone of the new yoga paradigm we're excitedly moving toward.)

We've started with a selection of four well-rounded practices which target the whole body, but we'll be adding more classes in the near future, including two that I just recorded: one awesome hips-focused class and another specifically targeting the shoulders. I can't wait for you to try them all out! And of course feel free to offer me any and all feedback, because I want to be sure to offer online content that meets your needs and wants.

Click here to see the full selection of videos. And here's a quick preview for the first practice in the series!