YOGA DECONSTRUCTED®: make your crow apropros w/trina altman

This class features many of Trina's signature, creative yoga-inspired moves to prepare your body in a very intelligent way (with minimal load-bearing on the wrists!) for a peak pose of crow pose (bakasana). If you already regularly practice crow pose, this class will help you to improve your pose by teaching you more in-depthly about the joint positions involved, and by preparing your tissues to handle the loads involved in this pose.

This all-levels practice utilizes 2 yoga blocks, 1 blanket, and 1 Yoga Tune Up® massage ball, pinkie ball, or tennis ball. It's also ideal if you have a smooth floor that your blanket can slide across for a few of the poses that Trina teaches!

TRINA ALTMAN, E-RYT 500, PMA®-CPT, is a Yoga Tune Up® & Roll Model® Method Teacher Trainer, creator of Pilates Deconstructed®, and a regular presenter at yoga and fitness conferences across the country. Trina's teaching fosters body cognition and self-discovery, firmly grounded in anatomical awareness. Find her at