Improve your yoga teaching skills
with movement science

Design amazing & effective yoga & movement classes that incorporate a science-based approach to asana.

Online Yoga Anatomy Course & Movement Science Training

The conversation in the yoga world is changing.

Learn how to apply the newest insights from movement science to your yoga teaching in digestible and easy-to-understand terms. Keeping Your Yoga Teaching Current: An Evidence-Based Approach to Asana, Alignment, & Yoga Anatomy is an in-depth online training for yoga teachers and interested students. This training includes:

Module 1: Anatomy of Muscle Tissue, Fascia, & Connective Tissue

Video 1: Introduction to Muscle Tissue

Video 2: Introduction to Fascia & Connective Tissue, Part 1

Video 3: Introduction to Fascia & Connective Tissue, Part 2

Video 4: Muscle & Connective Tissue's Role in Movement

Video 5: Muscles: The 3D vs. 2D Model

Module 2: Muscle Tissue & Connective Tissue Function

Video 1: Types of Muscle Contractions & Clearing up Misconceptions

Video 2: Sarcomeres & How Muscle Contractions Happen

Video 3: How Muscle Responds to Load

Video 4: How Connective Tissue Responds to Load

Video 5: What Does Injury Prevention Mean?

Video 6: Teaching Tools for Tissue Adaptation, Mobility Gains, & Neurological Control

Module 3: Common Misconceptions About Stretching, Strengthening, & the Tissues of the Body

Video 1: How Stretching Affects the Tissues of the Body

Video 2: Is Passive Stretching Bad for Us?

Video 3: The Relationship Between Stretching & Strengthening

Video 4: Fascia, Massage, & Rolling

Module 4: The 3D vs. 2D Model of the Body & Human Movement

Video 1: How We Move - The 3D vs. 2D Model

Video 2: Teaching Tools: Cueing & Language Strategies

Video 3: 2D Beliefs About the Body & Movement That Yoga Teachers Can Move on From

Video 4: Pain Science Basics for Yoga Teachers, Part 1

Video 5: Pain Science Basics for Yoga Teachers, Part 2

Video 6: Alignment & The 3D Model of the Body, Part 1

Video 7: Alignment & The 3D Model of the Body, Part 2


Teaching Toolbox Yoga Class #1: How to Effectively Incorporate Movement Variety Into Your Yoga Classes

Teaching Toolbox Yoga Class #2: How to Use Directed Muscle Contractions Effectively in Yoga Asanas

Teaching Toolbox Yoga Class #3: Smart Cueing & The New Paradigm of Alignment in Yoga


PDF #1: Keeping Your Yoga Teaching Current Outline & Notes

PDF #2: References & Research Studies

PDF #3: Quick Reference Chart for Directed Muscle Contractions in Yoga Asana

**Each lecture video averages about 20-35 minutes in length (some are a bit shorter). The Teaching Toolbox Yoga Classes are 30-50 minutes each. All videos can be streamed or downloaded, so they are yours to keep forever!


After taking this training, you will:

-Have an almost limitless toolbox of yoga asanas, movements, and variations to teach to your students for continually creative classes

-Have a clearer understanding of the tissues of the human body (muscle, fascia, connective tissue, etc.) and how our yoga practice affects them

-Understand how to utilize the most effective, research-backed strategies for increasing mobility, range of motion, joint function & joint health for your students

-Set yourself apart by no longer using some of the unsupported claims, languaging, and rationales that the majority of the yoga world still uses today

-Have tools for clearer, more accurate cueing and communication about the body & movement in yoga

-Become more confident in your yoga teaching & offerings

-Make informed, movement science-based decisions about what you decide to teach in your yoga classes and why


Broaden your beliefs about the body & movement.

Become a movement science-informed yoga teacher.

Qualifies as Continuing Education Hours Through Yoga Alliance.

pick up where your 200/500-hr teacher training left off!


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Once you order and gain access to this course, we unfortunately can't offer refunds. Thank you for your understanding!